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Dear Fellow Crossfitter,

Image qualifying for the CrossFit Games only 6 months after taking up the sport. 

Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Yet this is exactly what happened to me. 

Let me share with you how I did it and specifically how training with me will improve your Open ranking by hundreds and even thousands of places!  

My name is Kari Pearce and I’m a 4 times CrossFit Games competitor finishing in the top 10 in the world 3 times. I coach thousands of crossfitters in person, and through my newsletter PearcePointers, in order to improve their skills, especially their gymnastics skills.
Kari Pearce
How I Went From Beginner To Games Athlete In Only 6 Months
In November 2014 I became a crossfitter.

I was previously a Division 1 collegiate gymnast at the University of Michigan and after graduating as a 3 time Big 10 Academic All-Team member, I was looking for ways to continue to compete. I briefly tried powerlifting, weightlifting, and bodybuilding, but none truly excited me.

Then a friend said I should try crossfitting and I was immediately hooked!

I worked obsessively at learning the many exercises and improving daily because I loved it.

After a few months of training one of the coaches at the box I trained at suggested I try the Open. As you know the 2015 Open was 5 hard weeks of competition with the fittest individuals from around the world all vying for a spot to qualify for Regionals.

When I entered the Open I was still a beginner. I hoped to do well. Much to my shock and surprise, I finished in the top 20 in the Northeast and qualified for Regionals!

At Regional's the top 5 competitors make it to the Games. All of the competitors had years more experience than me. In fact some had had already made it to the Games in previous years. 

So there I was, after only taking up the sport a few months earlier, now competing against some of the fittest female athletes in the world!

Regional's ran 3 days and had 7 events. 

After the first three events, I finished 10th, 7th, and 12th. I was happy but I sure wasn't going to qualify for the Games with 4 more finishes like that!

Fortunately Event 4 was something I've been doing since I was 3 years old. Handstand Walks for time. I finished first. And now I was in the hunt for the Games!

Then disaster struck... Event 5. 

1 rep max snatch.

I'm not a weightlifter. In fact, I barely knew the mechanics on how to properly snatch at the time. 

My finish? 

Tied for 25th (ouch!) - pretty much knocking me out of any contention for qualifying for the Games unless I won one of the two final events.

Event 6 was next.

5 rounds for time:
25-calorie row
16 chest to bar pull-ups
9 strict handstand push ups
Time cap: 16 minutes 

This is an event that requires minimal skill at this level. 

Everyone can row. Everyone can do a C2B pull-up. Everyone can do HSPU's at this level. 

In fact, this event can easily be done by most Open athletes...or so you'd think!

Two things stand out in this workout. And they not only impacted the outcome of who was going to the Games, both will impact you if you decide to compete in the 2019 Open.

1. This is a 16-minute grip workout. The grip is the weak link! No one can hold a grip for 16 minutes straight. You need both grip strength and grip endurance to do this (and many other competition events) well!

2. Two of the three events have you pulling. Chest to bar pull-ups is pulling. Rowing is pulling. So you're spending the majority of time pulling. Between the pulling and the grip endurance required to pull, this event is intended to fatigue you fast.

How hard was this event?

27 of the 38 remaining athletes couldn't complete it!

27 of the fittest women on the earth were so fatigued by this event they couldn't finish the workout. And none of those 27 immensely talented women qualified for the Games because of this event!

I finished 1st.

After taking up the sport only a few months earlier I was able to win the event and ultimately qualify for the first of my 4 Game’s appearances!

Why did I win this event and qualify for the Games? 

Four reasons - and these four reasons will have a significant impact in any competition you enter.

1. My grip strength was stronger.

2. My grip strength had more endurance.

3. My pulling power was stronger.

4. My pulling power had more endurance.
Hey Kari, How Do I Improve Like This?
Work directly with me!
In my exclusive program, I’m going to teach you something few others have ever taught - I’m going to teach you how to significantly increase your pulling power and increase your grip strength to levels you've never achieved before. This new found strength and endurance will give you a huge competitive edge.

In 30 days your pulling and grip strength will be so much greater that I guarantee you will score significantly higher in all competitions...just like I did to qualify for my first Games.
The Key To Winning
The key to you winning events (and you crushing the competition!) is learning how to do two crucial things well.

1. Learn How To Properly Pull For Both Higher Reps and Faster Time...Especially When Doing Pull-Ups.

Pull-ups are in every competition!

I see athletes wasting strength, wasting energy, and hurting their times because they do not know how to efficiently pull their weight up to the bar!

Whether it's with strict pull-ups, kipping pull-ups, or butterfly pull-ups, the more efficient you are at these movements, the more reps you will do and the faster you will do them in competition! 

More reps, plus faster times, equals a higher score in the Open! 
More Benefits To Increasing Your Pulling Strength
Increasing your pulling strength will have a positive effect on other Open events too.

Weightlifting for example. The stronger you can pull, the more weight that will come off the ground, especially in cleans and in deadlifts.

 It also improves your rowing time. The stronger you pull in rowing, the faster your time in the workout.

All these things add up to a better score in the Open!

2. Your Competitive Edge - Increase Your Grip Strength and Endurance...Few Open Competitors Ever Practice This!!!

As a 4 times Games athlete, I know this fact; of all the movements you do in competition, your grip strength and endurance will often play the biggest role in how well you score!

Increasing your grip strength and grip endurance means you will last longer without breaking in so many events.

Last longer in pull-ups, last longer in toes-to-bars, row for longer periods of time, deadlift for more unbroken reps, the list goes on and on. The longer your grip lasts, the greater your competitive edge!
Do You Want To Achieve Your Best Ranking Ever At This Year’s Open? Work With Me For 30 Days!
Everyone wants to score their best in the Open and in every competition. Working harder is one way to get there. But working SMARTER is a better way to get there.

That's why I created my Pearce Power Pull-Up and Power Grip Program

I promise you, working with me and my Pearce Power Pull-Up and Power Grip Program will increase your pulling strength, increase your pulling endurance, increase your grip strength, and increase your grip endurance.

All combined I promise you will dramatically improve your overall strength, endurance, and ability (and your Open ranking!) in only 30 days...guaranteed!
Here's How The Program Works and How We Work Together
1. Sign up for my program. My Pearce Power Pull-Up and Power Grip Program is available online immediately.

2. When you're ready to begin, take 3 videos of yourself to set a benchmark for tracking your progress and send them to me.

These include a 1 rep weighted max strict pull-up so I can personally critique and improve your technique, your max unbroken pull-ups, and a timed dead hang to test your grip strength.

You will be repeating these tests on Days 15 and 30 to track the progress you are making.

3. Follow my Pearce Power Pull-Up and Power Grip Program  exactly as it's programmed 5 days a week, for 30 days. Be prepared to work. Each workout runs approximately 10 intensive minutes.

4. I'll personally email you weekly to check in. Tell me how you're progressing, ask me any training questions, and we'll work together so you will be a stronger, far more superior athlete in only 30 days.

I promise you that at the end of 30 days, you'll be doing more unbroken pull-ups than you’ve ever done before, and you will see every exercise that involves pulling and using your grip dramatically improve. If all of these don't happen for you, you will receive a full refund for the cost of the program. That's how sure I am you will be stronger and you will succeed, just like I did when I first made it to the Games!
Additional Things You Will Learn From My Program 
1. Doing Pull-Ups During Metcons Is Not a Solution...In Fact, It's Likely Holding You Back!
We're going to spend time together solely focusing on improving your technique. Improving your technique without the stress of a Metcon makes you a much better puller. Then after your technique has improved, watch how many more pull-ups you do when you're in a metcon. In many cases, it's a staggering difference and this alone will improve your Open ranking by hundreds and even thousands of places!

2. One Trick Ponies Don't Score Well In Competitions.
I'm going to make you a multi-talented pulling athlete! You'll develop many separate pulling and gripping muscles by doing strict pull-ups, kipping pull-ups, butterfly pull-ups, chin-ups, and even L-sit pull-ups throughout this program.

In 30 days you'll be pulling yourself faster and easier because you will have so many more of your pulling muscles developed!

3. How To Properly Engage Your Shoulders In Order to Increase Your Reps.
Most athletes don't properly engage their shoulders from the beginning. This robs them of reps. I will teach you and drill you in properly engaging your shoulders so your reps immediately increase.

4. How To Pace Yourself Under Fatigue.
I will teach you how to pace yourself in order to first delay fatigue, and then how to best perform when fatigue sets in. When others are beginning to slow down and quit, you'll blow past them.

As a 3 times Top 10 Finisher at the Games, I can tell you that the difference between Games competitors and everyone else is their knowledge on how to perfectly pace themselves and break up workouts, especially workouts that require a lot of pulling and a lot of grip work.

You will learn "best in the world techniques" in order to be able to go deeper into your workouts, even after fatigue sets in.

5. You Will Become Stronger...Guaranteed!
Train with me for 30 days and I will make you stronger in all your pulling movements. This includes stronger in your pull-ups, stronger rowing, stronger deadlifts, stronger cleans, and most importantly you'll have world-class athletic grip strength. Your new-found strength will assure you massively improve your Open results!
Special Bonus - One on One Coaching With Me! 
It's so important to me that you improve that I will be reaching out to you every week!!!

I'm going to personally check in with you every week for 4 consecutive weeks, starting after you send me your videos, to make sure you're progressing to your fullest capabilities.

The best way I can assure your success is to make sure I'm there for you.

I'll email you weekly, ask how you're doing, and I'll also be able to answer any of your training questions. This is your opportunity to work directly with a 4 times Games competitor. Feel free to ask me anything related to the program and anything related to your training. 

My number one goal is to make you a better athlete and to dramatically improve your Open score!
My 100% Money Back Guarantee!
I’m so sure you’ll improve your Open score because of my personal program that I’m providing you with a 4 month, no questions asked, money back guarantee. That’s how sure I am you will radically improve your Open score!
Here’s How To Become One of My Exclusive 100 Athletes
In order to assure you have my full attention and to ensure you succeed, I must limit this to 100 people (anyone signing up after the first 100 people will be placed on a waiting list).
The price of my Pearce Power Grip and Power Pull-Up Program is $195. This includes full online access to my program, us working together by email, with me teaching you how to expertly execute every type of pull-up you’ll see in competition, along with dramatically increasing your grip strength and endurance so you’ll score hundreds and even thousands of spots higher in the Open. You may not qualify for the Games like I did, but you will improve your 2019 Open ranking by hundreds and even thousands of places...Guaranteed! 
Here’s How To Become One of My Exclusive 100 Athletes
In order to assure you have my full attention and to ensure you succeed, I'm limiting this to 100 athletes (anyone signing up after the first 100 people will be placed on a waiting list).

The price of my Pearce Power Pull-Up and Power Grip Program is only $295 ($195 when you sign up by April 14, 2019). This includes full online access to my program, us working together by email with me teaching you how to expertly execute every type of pull-up you’ll see in competition, along with dramatically increasing your grip strength and endurance so you’ll score hundreds and even thousands of spots higher in the Open. You may not qualify for the Games like I did, but you will improve your 2019 Open ranking by hundreds and even thousands of places...Guaranteed!
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I look forward to us training together and making you the best athlete you can be!
Kari Pearce
4X CrossFit Games Competitor
Fittest Woman in the US 2018
PS - This program is limited to 100 athletes on a first come, first serve, basis. Sign up immediately to assure your spot. Click here to reserve your spot now!