Here's your chance to learn directly from 5X CrossFit Games competitor, Kari Pearce...

I Will Make You A 
Better Crossfitter... Guaranteed!

I Will Make You A
Better Crossfitter... Guaranteed!

Introducing "PearcePointers" - an exclusive newsletter specifically designed to improve  your competition ranking and your gymnastics skills 
Dear Fellow Crossfitter,
My name is Kari Pearce and gymnastics is my specialty. Since 2015, I've been a competitor at the CrossFit Games four times, finishing in the top 10 in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.
 Here's your chance to learn directly from 5X CrossFit Games competitor, Kari Pearce...
Many athletes have asked me how I was able to make it to the Games four consecutive years. There's a number of reasons...

Hard work, great coaching, good nutrition all play roles. But the number one reason for my success is because of my gymnastics ability.  

In my opinion, no skill is more important for crossfitters than gymnastics! 
Kari Pearce
4X CrossFit Games Competitor
Do You Want To Improve Your Open Ranking?
Your gymnastics skills and ability will determine where you score in the Open and in every fitness competition you enter.
We both know, becoming proficient at gymnastics is hard. In fact, I've been doing it for 24 years and still practice to improve my gymnastics skills on an ongoing basis. 

Most competitors find it difficult to improve their gymnastics because so many skills are required and there is not enough time in the week to do it all.
My Solution To Make You Better at Gymnastics
A number of people have come to me over the years asking me how they can improve their gymnastics skills and score higher in competition. This is why I created PearcePointers, my personal newsletter sent directly to your inbox 3 times a week.

PearcePointers will teach you all the skills you need to hit personal records in gymnastics movements.  
What Pearce Pointers Will Do For You
Each issue of PearcePointers is there to improve every crossfitter's gymnastics skills, from beginner to expert. 

I've chosen 90 core movements and building blocks in gymnastics. I call them the Pearce 90. Most Games level athletes are proficient in a number of these. Most Open athletes are proficient in only a few.

In fact, the number one reason why Open athletes score lower is not because they can't do the work (most can). It's because they aren’t proficient in the gymnastics movements.

PearcePointers will teach you the proper and most efficient way to do the gymnastics movements. I will also teach you professional "shortcuts" within the movement to help you improve your time, increase your reps, and allow you to improve your overall performance.
Here Is What Subscribers To PearcePointers Receive:
Three times a week you will learn new gymnastic movements taught directly by me. Most will be taught in video and I will walk you through the movements in an easy to learn way. No matter what level of competition you’re at, each newsletter is intended to teach you the skills to improve your gymnastics skills for competition.
You will also receive my Pearce Gymnastics Secrets. Each issue will include one to three "competition secrets". These are secrets that only a handful of the highest ranked athletes in the world know. Now you're going to learn these same secrets from me in every issue.

For example, does your grip ever fatigue while doing pull-ups?

I'm sure it does - it does for everyone.

I'll teach you a simple to learn secret that the top athletes use that I guarantee will allow you to do more pull-ups. It's so simple that you'll likely be doing more pull-ups the same day you learn it from me. And we both know, the more pull-ups you can do, the higher you're going to place no matter what competition you're competing in!
Ready To Join Me?
If you would like to start receiving PearcePointers to your inbox 3 times a week, sign up below. We'll work together 3 times a week continuously improving your gymnastics skills, making you a better and better crossfitter.
I'll do the teaching, you follow my instruction, and I guarantee you that you'll see immediate improvement in your gymnastics, no matter what level you're at today.

To begin your free subscription, simply sign up now.

I look forward to working with you to improve your gymnastics skills!
Kari Pearce
4X CrossFit Games Competitor
6th Fittest Woman in the World
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