Kari Pearce's New "PowerAbs" Online Book!

You Too Can Have Abs Like This!!!

You Too Can Have Abs Like This!!!

Introducing 5x CrossFit Games Athlete Kari Pearce's new book, PowerAbs, created to do what other fitness books cannot do...give you the defined abs you've always wanted!
Hi, I'm Kari Pearce,  6 times CrossFit Games competitor and the 2020 Fittest Woman in the United States.

I spent 18 years as a gymnast doing the best abs exercises in the world.   

If you're like me, you want great looking abs too.

So, I've taken everything I've learned, placed it in a new online book, to teach you how to get abs like mine.

Even if you’ve never had defined abs before, this book will get the abs you’ve always wanted!
Trust Science, Not Models with Photoshopped Pictures!
We both know that there are too many pictures on the internet that show you photoshopped abs. Photoshopped abs give everyone false expectations that a snap of your fingers will give you perfect abs. 

It takes work, and more importantly,the right work to get defined abs.

Science has proven the best way to have firmer, leaner abs is to continuously challenge your muscles in new ways.

That is exactly what my PowerAbs book does.

I’ve taken the gymnastics ab workouts I’ve been doing all my life and created this book for you. This book is designed to work your entire core, (and body!) in every workout. Your abs will be challenged more than ever with my program. This means you will see real results faster!

Each workout is designed to trim your waist, eliminate that muffin top, and sculpt definition.  You have no excuses to become your best version of you! 

In 30 days, you'll build your ab muscles and burn fat to show off sculpted muscles you didn't even know existed.

Only 10 Minutes a Day To PowerAbs 
This online book is a complete package of 10 new high-intensity abs workouts I've never shared before! 

I'll teach you how to work your ab muscles while burning fat at the same time. It's a 2 for 1 workout! Who doesn’t want that?

When you workout with a higher intensity, you burn more calories in a short amount of time. Even better, you will continue to burn calories even after you are done working out.

By burning calories during each of these high-intensity workouts, you are torching fat and preserving your muscle. Get your workouts in faster, be leaner, and lose that stubborn fat with my high-intensity ab workouts!

If you’re ready to change your body, commit to this program for 10 minutes a day and you’ll have the defined abs you’ve always wanted in 30 days!
Everyone Notices PowerAbs... In 30 Days They'll Notice Yours!
Each day as you get stronger, you’ll see the changes in your abs. In fact, within 30 days, you’ll have more definition in your abs than you've ever had before!

In 30 days...
- you'll lose inches off of your waist
- you'll get rid of belly fat
- you'll lose that muffin top
- you'll fit better into your favorite clothes, especially jeans
- you'll knock out those stomach rolls 
- you'll have more definition 
- you'll lose weight - nutrition tips are a part of this program
- you'll be the envy of your friends with your newly found abs
- you'll rediscover the abs you had in your 20s.
- you'll get that "V" you've always wanted
- you'll get more compliments
- you'll look and feel better!
Here’s What You'll Receive...
Order today and you will receive unlimited access to my online book, no big book to carry around to get your workout done!

You can do your workouts any place starting immediately.

You’ll spend only minutes a day working your abs in ways you never have before.

I’ll teach you the proper (and precise) techniques that world-class gymnasts and crossfitters use to tighten, flatten, and strengthen their abs. 

Plus, a special nutrition section to show you how I ate my way to my 6-pack.

Once you learn my techniques and commit to my program, you’ll start to see and feel an immediate change in your waistline.

Each exercise is broken down for you in step by step pictures to ensure you are using proper form to get the most out of each movement.

There are two levels to each workout.

Level One is designed for everyone.  

Level Two is for those of you who are more advanced and are looking to build high definition PowerAbs!

No matter what level you are, I'm going to push you harder than you've ever been pushed before. You will see dramatic results in only 30 days!
Order Now!
The price of my PowerAbs™  Book is only $29.95 if you order by Sunday, December 31 - a savings of 50%.

Kari Pearce
5X CrossFit Games Competitor
Fittest Woman in the US 2018, 2019 & 2020
P.S - As a Special Bonus, I’m including my 7 Favorite Foods to Banish Belly Fat. These are the foods I eat throughout the week to help you keep your PowerAbs throughout the year!